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spring 2023

15.04. – 22.04.2023

23.04. – 27.04.2023

29.04. – 06.05.2023

06.05. – 13.05.2023

autumn 2023

23.09. – 30.09.2023

30.09. – 07.10.2023

07.10. – 14.10.2023

28.10. – 04.11.2023

One week of kitesurfing action for all levels. We take you to the windiest places in Sardinia.

In order to offer an exclusive experience, we always travel in a small group, up to a maximum of 6 people.

We offer you the whole learning experience: Beginners and advanced kiters can profit from our spot selection. For beginners we are choosing easy spots with a lot of space and almost no waves or flat water, for advanced kiters we have the possibility to coach strapless kitesurfing with a waveboard or you get the chance to just try it.

Our teachers are very patient and have a lot of experience and our courses take place with maximum three students per teacher. Also advanced kiters can profit from our spot-guiding. You will be introduced to the spots specialties, get launching and landing help and if anything goes wrong, we will offer rescue.

Families are welcome. But we would like to advice you that some of our activities require a certain age. Therefore we ask you kindly to let us know about your childrens’ age to create a fitting package for you.

Cotribution for a week: € 800,00 P.p.

(Accommodation and food are not included)

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